The Mokamba is a blend of coffees from two regions. It is mainly from the Kambata region (which is known for the production of ginger), blended with a special preparation from the Sidamo region. Both are notable Heirloom Arabica coffee varieties, grown at an altitude of 1500 to 1800 meters above sea level, and harvested annually from October through December.

Ripe cherries of the two green coffees are patio dried on African beds. Milling naturally in the sun creates a beverage that is harmonious in the cup.

When this coffee was first cupped as a special offering, its complexity literally jumped from the table. Because it was so well received, it has been a regular part of the seller’s offer list since the 2013-2014 harvest cycle, no longer a seasonal offering.

What makes it so special? Wafting from the cup you will find pungent stone fruit notes. It has an inviting dark chocolate and spice personality, completed by juicy, winey acidity.

Fountain of Youth filled with Coffee?

ELIMINATE PUFFY EYES: Drink a cup of caffeinated coffee each morning. It can help constrict dark blood vessels, and rid your eyes of the fluids that cause puffiness, so says Gary Goldenberg, M.D., of Mount Sinai’s Icahn School of Medicine located in New York.

REJUVENATE AGING MUSCLES: Sports scientists at Britain’s Coventry University, in a study for the Society for Experimental Biology, suggest caffeine ramps up power in aging muscles. Two big advantages: stronger muscles reduce risks of falls and injuries, and helps those over fifty breath more easily by keeping the diaphragm, the muscle that inflates the lungs, in prime shape. Drink up!


This Papua New Guinea Peaberry comes from the Kigabah Estate, which is located in Banz in the Western Highlands Province. Its Arabica variety (Typica and Arucia) are grown at 1500 – 1600 masl, in nutrient rich volcanic soil. At this elevation, the coffee is able to mature more slowly, which in turn creates a dense bean with a complex flavor profile. After harvesting, it is washed, then sun dried.

The Kigabah Estate was originally established in the 1960’s by Australian farmers who were part of a development program run by the Australian government.

By the 1980’s, Papua New Guinea had achieved independence and had reclaimed the land taken from local farmers and tribesmen. The Kigabah Estate remains as one of the few plots of land still owned by foreign investors.

In addition to producing some of the finest coffee in the region, Kigabah Estate continues to help employ local residents, and support schools and health centers in the area.

We are sure this will prove to be a pleasant coffee experience. It offers savory tomato, caramel notes, and is extraordinarily clean in the cup, bright and spicy. Very complex with round body, we are confident you will like its pleasant earthiness, cup after consistent cup.

A PEABERRY is an anomaly!

Instead of the coffee cherry growing two halves that  have flat sides that fit together, forming a whole bean, a peaberry grows as a single, small,  flavorful, round, unique bean.

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