Founded in 1995, the Central Piurana de Cafetaleros (CEPICAFE) was formed. Before they became Fair Trade certified in 1996, the farmers sold their coffee to local merchants cheaply, which caused many farmers to migrate to other regions in search of work. Your favorite Coffee of the Month Club supports Fair Trade at all levels, recognizing the benefits of this valuable system.

In 2014, Cepicafe changed its name to Norandino, but the members and management remained unchanged. What makes Norandino (formerly Cepicafe) so special is not only the quality of their coffee, but the dedication of their members.

Technical assistance is always available for any member, or group of members, from the co-op. Due to the growing strength of the Norandino co-op during the past 15 years, they have worked closely with local government to help improve the social conditions of not only their members, but the communities around the coffee-growing regions as well.

Norandino encompasses the regions of Piura, Amazonas, Cajamarca, and San Martin Peru, all regions in the north of the country of Peru. Here Typica coffee is grown at altitudes between 3,000 and 4,000 feet above sea level. It is carefully washed and sun dried to perfection, assuring a consistent, quality cup of coffee time after time.


The Guatemala SHB EP Laurel coffee is produced in the regions of Santa Rosa in South Central Guatemala, and in Huehuetenango, located in the Northwest. Both regions are known for producing exceptionally great coffee.

While the coffee grown in the Santa Rosa region boasts a balanced cup with chocolate notes, the coffee grown in the region of Huehuetenango is known for its bright acidity, floral notes and winey nuances. This combination makes for a floral, sweet cup that has a round full body with bright acidity. The great chocolate and nutty notes are unmistakable.

The laurel only comes from coffee farms that are situated at a minimum of 1,200 meters above sea level. Because of the consistency of the SHB, the same high quality found in this coffee can be expected year after year.

And year after year, your favorite Coffee of the Month Club is proud to deliver this outstanding coffee to you! A special added flavor bonus you are sure to experience is the hint of fruit in the aftertaste. This coffee really is a uniquely complex flavor experience.


This individual constantly drank coffee from a mug “more in nature of a bathtub than a cup,” as he worked – and he worked ceaselessly. In 1919, he was joined by his three sons, his daughter and son-in-law, and a cousin as they opened a 4-store chain of casual New York City coffee shops. These shops were “intended to provide a place for people to talk, write letters, eat sandwiches and cake, and above all, drink real coffee.” The imported beans were prepared and roasted on-site where the patrons could watch the process, and setting the stage for today’s coffee chains. This famous coffee snob was none other than President Theodore Roosevelt (1901-1909), the biggest coffee-snob-in-chief our White House has ever housed — and a true coffee fanatic!

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