Some people like to say that coffee is one of the most popular drugs on the planet. Its delicious scent is addictive by itself, let alone its rich flavor. There are hundreds of different types of coffee beans throughout the world and even more varieties of creamers. With so many crazy coffee flavors, you have to wonder if you’ve really lived until tasting some of these extraordinary blends. These are some of the wackiest coffee flavors floating around that actually have an incredible taste.

Black Velvet Cognac Coffee

If you’ve ever added bacon bits or jalapenos to a simple grilled cheese sandwich, then you know how unexpected ingredients can elevate a basic dish to a whole new level. That’s the way it is with scrumptious black velvet Cognac-flavored coffee. Black velvet coffee has a very distinctive taste based on the strength of the Cognac. The smell is absolutely unmatched with notes of dark coffee beans and a slight hint of cocoa.

Coconut and Jalapeno Coffee

The name sounds like a wrong turn in food discovery, but people swear by the unique taste of this exotic coffee variety. It’s tropical and yet sharp with a finish of heat that is guaranteed to wake you up in the morning. This coffee has a rich, bold flavor that cuts the sweetness of the coconut nicely.

Christmas Cookie Coffee

Coffee drinkers all have their particular favorites when it comes to coffee beans, but some like things to be a little extra special and sweet. Christmas cookie coffee is warm and blended with a buttery, sweet flavor for a wholesome and unique experience. However, it could be a little on the sugary side for those who prefer a bitter flavor.

Banana Split Coffee

Bananas and coffee may not seem like they’d mix well together, but someone thought to try it. The tastes of hot fudge, creamy vanilla, hazelnuts and bananas come together in a one-of-a-kind coffee known by the same name as a popular dessert. This is definitely a treat for those coffee lovers out there who don’t mind trying something new.

Bailey’s Creme Brulee Creamer

Everyone knows the French dessert known as creme brulee, but did you know that it’s available as a coffee flavor? You can purchase this tasty coffee creamer in most grocery stores. It has a sweet taste, which may not be ideal for some bitter coffee drinkers, but it’s definitely one of the more unusual flavors you’ll find for creamer in the aisle.

Some other unique coffee creamers to try include butter pecan, Almond Joy, warm cinnamon and sugar cookie, eggnog latte and Bailey’s non-alcoholic Irish cream. There are also several other types of flavored coffee beans that are only for sale in certain parts of the world, so if you’re a coffee lover, you may want to try bacon coffee or single malt scotch coffee to wake up your morning.

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