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Sourced from award-winning international wineries

Your Wine of the Month Club selections will come from all over the world, including such countries as: Australia, Chile, Argentina, Portugal, New Zealand, United States and Italy. Many come from very small award-winning wineries.

We focus on selections that are produced in small quantities and hard to find. Examples include:

  • Nantucket’s Sauvignon Blanc from the U.S.
  • Maletti Lambrusco di Sorbara from Italy
  • Agulhas Bank Chardonnay from South Africa
  • River Falls Cabernet Sauvignon from Chili
  • First Run Shiraz from Australia
  • Casal Mendes Vinho Verde from Portugal

If you truly appreciate the taste of fine, international wine, this is the club for you.

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Packages Delivered


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Selected by our Wine Club sommeliers for you

Have you experienced the earthy, complex character of an Australian Shiraz? How does savoring the delicate finish of a premier South African Chardonnay sound? Our Global Wine Club sommeliers bring rare selections from all over the world to you each month. Whether for yourself, a colleague, client, friend or significant other, you’ll love your monthly wine club offerings.

Delivering the exceptional quality of award-winning wines produced by small regional wineries — our Wine of the Month Club is exquisitely distinct, hand-selected to satisfy the wine connoisseur within. This is the true wine lover’s club.

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