Thyme Is on Your Side…

While spices are derived from the bark, roots, fruits or berries of perennial plants, herbs are the leaves of annual or perennial shrubs. One of the most widely-grown and used of these herbs is thyme. Its versatility is awesome, not limited to any one type of food. From clam chowder to custards, from soufflés and omelets to pizza and fried chicken, thyme is an all-time winner with staying power.

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Seasonal Fruits for Your Independence Day Party

Now that summer has set in across the country and people are spending more time outdoors, it’s time to plan for seasonal holidays. One such approaching holiday is Independence Day. Many Americans will celebrate Independence Day with family and friends by throwing a barbecue. With hamburgers and hot dogs typically the main fare, sides are something that will need to be decided on. Do something different and healthy by choosing seasonal fruits to include in your upcoming Independence Day party. Here are five great choices:

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Uinta Brewery, Salt Lake City, Utah

Uinta Brewery embarked on its mission of brewing world class, full-flavored craft-brewed beer in the winter of 1993. From a small, renovated mechanic’s garage in Salt Lake City, they began distributing a tasty variety of beer to local establishments. Demand escalated, resulting in the installation of a bottling line in 1996. In 2001, having outgrown its original building, Uinta built and relocated to a 26,000 sq. ft. facility specifically designed for brewing.

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Cigar Facts and Cigar of the Month Selection


Mastering the art of cigar smoking entails some basics, the first of which is determining what it is that you really like.

This is such an individualistic choice that the recommendations of other cigar smokers may not aid you in making your choice. It’s best to try the different shapes, sizes, brands and colors to get an idea of what you like. From that point, you can narrow it down to a few favorites . . . or an entire Preferred List!

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Chocolate is a Patriotic Duty: Best American Chocolates for the Fourth

Americans love chocolate as much as hot dogs and apple pie. This love affair began when Dr. James Baker opened New England’s first chocolate factory in 1765. When the Townsend Acts levied a tax on tea, hot chocolate became a patriotic beverage. The confection was first included in military rations during the Revolutionary War. Today, the average adult consumes 11.7 pounds per year of all varieties of chocolate. When looking for the America’s best bean-to-bar chocolatiers, consider the following confectioners.

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