This month’s featured center pieces of ?+0?+ have taken me back to my long-gone childhood. Before the days of cell phones, artificial Christmas trees, computers, tropical vacations, even color TV, we enjoyed a simpler, hands-on life-style. What may be considered “work” now was often a form of family bonding and entertainment.

Growing up on a rural farm, my parents taught us to have fun while nurturing both our creativity and… read more


This month’s featured bouquet consists of white Dendrobium Orchids, accompanied by Bamboo Orchid foliage and novelty Ti leaves.

The white orchids will be either the UH 306 “Uniwai Pearl” (a white blossom with a tinge of light green), or a “UH 44 “Uniwai Blush” (with a light purple blush to it), or a dazzling mix of the two.

Orchids were first known in the Mediterranean region as… read more