Q&A for Wine


Of course you may — but don’t be surprised if your bottle is accepted as a gift by the host, but remains unopened. It’s perfectly possible that it will end up in your host’s wine rack. There’s also a chance the wine for the evening has already been chosen, and yours will be enjoyed by the recipient on another occasion. And yes, it would be inconsiderate to ask that your “gift” be opened and shared.

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Fruit of the Month: Black Pearl Aprium and Pearl White Nectarines

Black Velvet Apriums —
Black Velvet Apriums have a deep purple (almost black) skin. The interior of this fruit is a bright golden color with a super sweet, highly concentrated flavor. The warm late Spring and early Summer weather in California produces an intense flavor in these fruits that is reminiscent of apricot preserves.

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Proud To Be an American

When British Blue-Bloods of the feminine sort gather to discuss the condition of the grounds at the Palace, or the Queen’s latest hat, they often enjoy tea.

In Russia, they raise a glass of Vodka to toast the always pristine performances of the ballet — or the winners of the latest strong man competition — depending on which sport they support.


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