GARLIC: What Good Is It?

It’s a rare pizza that has an ingredient list with no mention of garlic. Most of us just happen to like the garlic punch flavor, and you may feel (as I do) that the probable physiological effects are just the frosting on the cake! Below is a partial list of garlic’s physical effects on our bodies. The studies (by competent scientists holding multiple degrees) believe that beyond any reasonable doubt, garlic can and will:

•           Lower both blood pressure and LDL (considered “bad”)… read more


This month’s bouquet from your favorite Flower of the Month Club is called the Hilo Tropical Bouquet in honor of the largest city on the Big Island of Hawaii. All the elements that make up this bouquet were grown locally within a few miles of the town of Hilo. 

The showy flower that resembles an easily recognizable musical instrument is… read more


In the minds of most people, Prohibition affected the beer brewing industry the most dramatically. Your favorite Wine of the Month Club didn’t have to look very hard to find volumes written about illegal bootlegging of the hard-alcohol moonshine brewed in the mountain stills of our southern states. Surprising to many people, the manufacture, sale, barter, transport, import, delivery, possession, etc. of wine were also deemed illegal by our 18th Amendment, a law not-too-successfully enforced by the dreaded Volstead Act, from the years 1920 to 1933.

There were many people in high places who publicly stated and demonstrated their dislike of the new Amendment. Politicians were… read more